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Keeping your baby clean is essential to their health and your nostrils. At Argos, we have a great range of baby baths to get them all cleaned up after a day in the new world. Lightweight and easy to travel, our baby baths are an essential addition to your collection of products for your youngster. We also stock a range of accessories, such as thermometers to check the water, kneeling mats so you don't get too sore, and little tables with shelves to put their bath and cleaning products on. When it's time to get them out of the water, wrap them up in one of our baby robes or towels; they'll feel all snuggled up and warm so bath time will be an enjoyable occasion.

To make things easier as a parent, get some more stuff for your baby from Argos. We have a handy, transportable baby changing bag you can take everywhere just in case they think it's time to go to the toilet whilst you're out. Take along one of our baby bottles and you'll be able to feed them on the move. You could get a baby carrier or even a stroller which will have storage for the daily essentials. And, why not bring along a few baby toys too and keep them occupied in the pram whilst you get on with your day.

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