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Add to your wireless network

Your wireless network is flexible. Some extra equipment will help you get the most from it – letting you see, talk, and exchange songs and videos with family and friends.

USB adaptors. These plug into your computer and give it wireless capabilities. But if you have a laptop, check first – it may have WiFi built-in already. USB adaptors
PC Card adaptors. These also connect your computer to a wireless network, but slot into the larger PC Card port instead. PC Card adaptors
USB print servers. Instead of connecting your printer to one computer, a print server connects it to your router – so it can be shared between all your computers. USB print servers
Webcams. Now all your computers are networked, why not share views between rooms or over the web with a camera or two? They're a great way to use all that connectivity. Webcams
Microphones and headsets help you get the most out of VoIP telephony such as Skype, letting you use the internet to make phone calls with ease. You'll see the difference in your phone bill, too. Microphones and headsets


Don't forget

Your computer won't let other computers see its contents until you allow it to. In Windows XP, just drag the folders you want to share to the 'Shared Documents' folder and click 'Share this folder' to set the options you want for sharing it on the network.

Make cheap phone calls too

Wireless networks are ideal for VoIP – 'voice over IP', where your telephone conversation is held using your Internet connection instead of the phone network. There are several varieties, from software like Skype to handsets that work just like a normal phone.

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