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Buying Guide to Weather Stations

Weather stations utilize sophisticated barometric pressure monitoring to forecast changes in the weather. The larger the change in pressure, the larger the expected change in weather.

  • If there is rapid drop in pressure there is a greater chance of rain.
  • A rapid increase in pressure is generally associated with improving brighter weather conditions.

Why buy a Weather Station?

Ever wondered why the national forecasted weather is often not the weather you actually end up experiencing. This is often due to microclimates - local atmospheric zones where the climate differs from the surrounding area. The size of a microclimate can vary from a few square feet (such as a garden) to square miles.

Your weather station will work within your local microclimate. Examples of how this local knowledge can help you to plan your next day include:

  • Knowing what to wear.
  • When to do your washing.
  • When best to have BBQs.
  • Whether you will have the right conditions for your sporting activities.


What features should I look for when choosing my weather station?

  • Various sensor readings are available for your use:
    • Temperature - typically measured in centigrade, with outdoor readings) available dependent on any external sensors used.
    • Humidity (hygrometer) - showing the % of water vapour in the air.
    • Air pressure (barometer).
  • Remote Sensors - link wirelessly with your weather station, enabling you to detect changes in the environment outside your home, such as temperature and humidity levels.
    • Some models allow you to use multiple sensors enabling you to monitor the conditions in different locations such as your driveway and your green house. 
  • PC/laptop connection - allows for automatic recording of available readings and manipulation of the data collected.
  • Ice Alert - a very useful feature which warns you when the temperature drops low enough to create icy conditions outside.
    • Ideal for gardeners, keepers of pond fish and everybody who owns a car.


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