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Jargon buster

TV Recording key terms explained.


Audio description Programmes can be watched with an audible description of the on-screen action.
Blu-ray player Blu-ray is the new generation of disc, offering higher capacity than its predecessor DVD. This means that Blu-ray is capable of holding feature length high definition movies and programmes using the best quality full HD 1080p resolution. This makes it a superb partner for full HD TVs.
Dual recording This feature allows you to record one channel and watch another.
DVD recorder Allows you to record programmes directly to DVD discs.
DVD recorder with hard drive Allows you to record to DVD discs or direct to the built-in hard drive. The hard drive will hold hours of recordings for simple easy access when you want to watch them back.
DVD recorder with VCR This has all the benefits of recording to DVD, whilst allowing you to watch VHS tapes from your collection, all from one box.
EPG (days) EPG stands for Electronic programme guide and shows TV listings in advance. The style and format of an EPG depends on the model of TV but usually shows at least 7 days of programmes ahead.
HDMI connection This refers to the number of HDMI connections available. HDMI carries high quality digital picture and sound for High Definition TV. Connects equipment such as DVD players, set top boxes and digital recorders.
Pause live TV This feature allows you to pause live TV. Imagine you have just sat down to watch the big match or favourite soap and the phone rings. Press ‘pause’ on your remote and answer the call. You can come back to the programme exactly where you left it and not miss a thing.
Rewind live TV Allows you to rewind live TV. Press ‘rewind’ on your remote and you can play back that amazing goal or missed news headline.
Series recording If you have a favourite show and don’t want to miss a single episode let your recorder look after it for your. Select one episode, then press the series record button and every episode will automatically be recorded.
SCART Sockets This specifies the amount of SCART sockets to connect the box to your TV/DVD recorder.


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