Slow cookers, ovens and grills


There are many small kitchen appliances you can buy which will cook your food and can be stored away when not being used.  Even the smallest home need not limit your cooking ambitions with these in your cupboards!

Whatever you want, whatever you may need, the guides below will help you to choose the right appliance for your kitchen - and that also includes fryers and steamers.

What are the more useful features to look out for?

  • Capacity - this shows how much food the appliance will cook at any given time.
  • Power in watts - the higher the power, the more effective the device. Of course, it will also use more electricity.
  • Where a timer is available, the device can be set to go off after a set period.
    • Handy if you are busy and might forget.
    • Some will allow you to set what time the food will be ready at- a true boon on a long working day!
  • Removable parts are easier to clean.
  • Cool wall models can be more safely touched while in use.
    • Cool wall is the safest option if there are children about.
    • Cool wall models are also generally more energy efficient.

Slow Cookers and Small Ovens

Health Grills

Deep Fat Fryers



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