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Introduction to satellite navigation

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Get where you're going with sat nav

radiosHate being lost or stuck in traffic jams? Satellite navigation – sat nav for short – puts the fun back into driving, by telling you the best route for where you need to go. Garmin, TomTom, Navman or Sony sat nav will get you where you're going.


Make car journeys quicker

By telling you which route to take, sat nav stops you taking wrong turns or fumbling with maps. That means faster, easier journeys. And they're not limited to the UK – Western European, Full European and USA and Canada maps are also available.

Sat nav can cut your fuel bills

Up-to-the-minute traffic updates – part of many sat nav systems – keep you informed about traffic jams and other troublespots. Less time sitting in traffic means lower petrol bills... not to mention less stress!

Guided by a voice you can trust

sat navSat nav systems don't just show you where to go – they tell you. Voice instructions let you keep your eye on the road; just listen and follow directions. While warning signals about speed cameras and limits – common on many sat nav models – make sure you're driving both safely and legally.

Next, take a look at the basics: how they work, the choice of displays, the
different subscription models. It's all in the Argos guide to sat nav.

Extra sat nav features like speed camera locations and petrol stations help you make the most of your sat nav.

Confused about the terms? Don't be – take a look at the sat nav jargon buster.