Kitchen scales and measurement
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Buying Guide to Kitchen scales and measurement

Accuracy can be very useful in any kitchen, and so measuring tools are an everyday essential. We supply kitchen scales, thermometers and even measuring jugs, all at the right prices and made to suit your needs.

Kitchen scales

Mechanical scalesFollowing a recipe- especially baking- or a diet requires accurate weighing of ingredients, and so kitchen scales are one of the first things bought in any kitchen. Ours come styled to suit you and priced to match your budget.

  • Mechanical scales need no batteries.
  • Digital scales bring modern design and accuracy to the mix.
    • Check the model- some include batteries but all need them.
  • Digital scalesScales work to different maximum weights and to different gradations of measurement.
    • Some scales have finer gradations- useful for small quantities such as diet portions.
    • Some scales use broader gradations- good for larger quantities, as in breadmaking.
  • Jug scalesJug scales are useful for weighing liquids and powders.
  • Some scales will weight liquid.
  • Many models will work in both imperial (lbs) and metric (kg) scales.
    • Some will also convert between the scales for you.
  • Plastic models tend to be lighter weight than metal.
  • Add and weigh function allows weighing of multiple ingredients in the one bowl.

Measuring jugs

Measuring jugsMeasuring jugs are useful to any cook.

  • Plastic jugs are lighter than glass.
  • A sloped measuring scale is easier to read without lifting the jug or crouching to its height.
  • Jugs can more easily be used directly on scales which have the add and weigh function.


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