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Introduction to Epilators

Introduction to EpilatorsWhilst waxing and shaving are common hair removal methods, more and more women are now discovering the benefits of epilators.

Unlike waxing, which adheres to the skin's surface, and shaving, which removes the skin's upper layer, epilating simply grips and removes the hair. It doesn't disrupt the skin by tugging it and removing surface cells.

Our guide explains the main benefits and advantages of this method of hair removal.


Benefits The main benefits of using an epilator are:

  • Long lasting smoothness - hairs are removed at the root for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin
  • Tans will last longer - unlike waxing which removes the top layer of skin, epilating only removes the hair leaving your tan intact.
  • It's gentle - Most women trying an epilator for the first time find it much less painful than they had anticipated, and there's no mess, nicks or cuts.

Key features to look out for

Key features to look out forDifferent brands and models will have various features to enhance your epilating experience; here are a few key features to look out for:

  • Wet and dry epilators - for use in the bath or shower, the majority of women find wet epilating kinder to skin. Look out for our epilators specifically designed for underwater use.
  • Number of tweezers - Different epilators have different tweezer counts. Precision epilators have fewer than the broad general use ones.
  • Versatility for different body parts - As well as on your legs, some epilators can be used on the bikini line, underarms, and face. Look for an epilator with specially designed heads for different areas.
  • Pre-epilating wipes - These can be used on dry skin to help prime the skin for a gentler epilation.
  • High frequency massage rollers - Good for minimising pain these glide smoothly across the skin, gently stimulating it to reduce any discomfort
  • Rechargeable batteries - These provide flexibility and freedom over mains operated models.
    Electric models are also not suitable for wet use.
  • Pivoting head - Many models feature a pivoting head to make it easy to epilate around tricky areas, such as knees.
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