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Your guide to electric blankets

There is nothing nicer than being warm and cosy in bed.

Here at Argos we offer a wide range of electric blankets and duvets to keep the chill off:

Heated underblankets

These lie flat on top of the mattress and are held in place with ties

Heated mattress toppers

These simply lie on top of the mattress. They do not need to be tied in place and are twice as thick as an underblanket.

Heated mattress covers

These cover the entire mattress and are easy to fit as the elasticated skirt holds the whole cover in place just like a fitted sheet.

Heated duvets

These have a variable tog for use all year round, from a summer cool 6.5 tog to a winter warming 15 tog.

Heated throws

These are heated blankets that are great for snuggling up in bed or on the sofa.

Heated overblankets

These can be used as a normal blanket on top of bedding or inside your duvet.


Many of our electric blankets and duvets:

  • heat up in a matter of minutes
  • are machine washable

All Argos heated bedding undergoes rigorous testing and conforms to all relevant UK and European safety standards.

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