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Get more from your digital camcorder

Many digital camcorders can film in a variety of formats, including widescreen and High Definition. That means your movies will have greater detail, crisper colours, and sharper definition - giving a more enjoyable all-round experience.

High definition gives you sharper, crisper movies

High definitionIn the UK, TV pictures are made up of 625 lines... but it's all changing. Newer 'High-Definition' TV uses 720 or 1080 lines, giving a crisper, clearer picture.

The films you make with any camcorder will look really clear when you play them back on your TV, but with a High Definition (HD) digital camcorder you can make the experience even better. When played back on an HD Ready TV, films from an HD digital camcorder will be much clearer and sharper.

High Definition camcorders capture deeper colours and four times the detail of traditional models, and all come with cinema-style surround sound. Even without HD, many models can film in 'widescreen', giving your home videos that movie feel.

What does widescreen mean?

TV programmes filmed in widescreen have a 16:9 aspect ratio rather than the 4:3 aspect ratio that was common previously. 'Widescreen' is becoming the standard for digital camcorders and makes your home videos look more like movies, since Hollywood shoots in wide formats!

Large screens make viewing simple

Large screensAn LCD screen lets you see what you're filming and view footage you've already shot. Camcorders are generally easier to use if they have a larger screen - especially when you need to adjust menu settings.

Also, some camcorders can film in widescreen - this gives you top-quality playback on widescreen and flat screen TVs. First-time moviemakers might also find touch-screen displays easier to use.


Scenes & sounds

Scene & soundsAll our camcorders come with a range of automatic modes that make filming easy - so you don't need to worry about adjusting lighting or exposure. These include some special modes for special occasions like beach holidays or candle-lit parties.

They also have a built-in stereo microphone, and some feature Dolby Digital surround sound so you can create a real cinematic experience.

Don't forget!

othersWe also stock a full range of bags, batteries, memory cards, tapes, discs and frames to help you get the most out of your digital camcorder.

Using the Argos Comparison Table

Wouldn't it be useful to review all those features side-by-side? It's easy! When you view any range of digital camcorders, you'll see a 'Compare Products / Go' link on the right, with a tickbox for each item. Just click the camcorders you're considering to view their features in a handy table.

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