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Ready for digital audio but don't know where to start?

From easy-to-use DAB and Internet radios to handy MP3 audio and MP4 video players, this guide shows you the differences between them. Whether you want a wide choice of stations or thousands of songs in your pocket, we guarantee you'll be entertained!







For great sounding broadcasts, choose a DAB digital radio. They look like traditional radios, but the signal is digital, giving you great sound and many more stations.
Argos Guide to DAB digital radios.

If you have a broadband Internet connection, take a look at Internet radios. These pick up channels from all over the world.
Argos Guide to Internet radios.

To take your own entertainment with you, look at MP3 players. Storing music as digital files, you can convert your own CDs to MP3 with ease - or download your tunes instead. You can even store photos.
Argos Guide to MP3 players.

MP4 players like Apple's Video iPod do everything an MP3 player does, but can play video, too, everything from fun clips to full movies.
Argos Guide to MP4 players.

Confused about the terms? Don't be – DAB, MP3 and MP4 are just different ways of getting music to your ears; you don't need to understand them to enjoy the results. But to learn what they mean, take a look at the Jargon Buster.

What do you want to do?


If you're interested in... Take a look at...
Listening to music on the go A pocket-sized MP3 player. The number of songs you can store depends on the MP3 player's capacity, but even a small 2Gb MP3 player can store up to 500 songs!
Enjoying music during exercise An MP3 player that stores music in solid state memory, rather than on a hard disk – this makes sure your music won't skip or jog.
Receiving digital broadcasts A DAB digital radio. No tuning needed – just choose a channel by name – and there's a wider choice of channels than normal radio.
Watching video clips on the go An MP4 player, with a colour screen to enjoy video clips and shows on. All MP4 players can play MP3 music too, giving you two players in one.
Listening to radio when you're out and about A portable DAB digital radio. Whether you're out in the garden or at the beach, you'll be able to receive all your favourite channels and a wide range of digital-only ones - with less interference.
Storing your whole music collection A high-capacity MP3 player. It'll still fit easily in a pocket, and some players have over 80Gb of space - enough for 1000 complete CDs!
Listening to web-based radio An Internet radio. Thousands of stations broadcast their shows over the Internet – all you need to enjoy them is wireless broadband.
Buying the latest music Software that makes it easy to buy downloadable music from websites – look for DRM9 and iTunes. Apple's iTunes is the best known - you can even buy vouchers!


Personalise your player

Whichever radio or player you decide on, you can make it your own with a wide range of accessories – everything from protective cases to memory cards.

Take a look at DAB and Internet radio accessories, or MP3 and MP4 player accessories.

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