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Your guide to bikes

Cycling is great for the environment, your fitness and overall health – and a fun way to get from A to B.

From leisure to BMX bikes, there are loads to choose from at Argos, and all the accessories you need to stay safe when out and about.

Find the right bike for you

Bikes come in all shapes and sizes, and finding the right one for you depends on how you’re going to use it. Here’s a quick look at some of the different types available:

Leisure / commuting bikes

Commuter bikes fold up so they’re perfect for the train or car. Choose a simple road bike or a hybrid, which combines the best of a mountain bike with the best of a road bike.

A leisure bike is great for roads and some off-tarmac surfaces (dirt roads, gravel surfaced paths) and can often be fitted with panniers or baskets for carrying shopping and other belongings.

Racing bikes

Designed for road use only, racing bikes are lightweight, incredibly aerodynamic and have tyres with very little tread and lots of gears for speed and quick handling.

Mountain bikes

Great for cycling on any surface, mountain bikes feature chunky tyres for extra grip and lots of gears to cope with steep inclines. Go for front suspension for a lighter bike with comfort and responsive handling, or choose dual suspension for a smoother, impact-free ride over any surface at speed.

BMX bikes

Come in two types - racing or stunts bikes.  The latter come with 360° gyro handlebars and stunt pegs, great for tricks.

Electric bikes

Can be powered by an electric motor so you don’t need to pedal.

Children's bikes and trikes

These range from 3 wheeled trikes to your child’s first bike.  Many come with stabilisers for added safety.

Finding the right size

To make sure you’re cycling as safely and efficiently as possible, it’s important your bike is the right size - based on your inside leg measurement. Each of our bikes has inside leg measurement detailed in the product description.


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