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Bike accessories

To stay safe on the road and enjoy your bike to the full, you'll need some essential cycling accessories:

Cycle lights

Lights are a legal requirement when riding your bike at night.  You must show a white light to the front and a red light to the rear:

  • Krypton lights - can produce up to 50% more light than normal bulbs.
  • Halogen lights - can produce up to 150% more light than normal bulbs.
  • LEDs - use significantly less power than bulbs and are smaller too.

Cycle helmets

It's worth investing in a cycle helmet, as a good one could save your life.

When buying a cycle helmet, make sure you have considered the following:

  • Level on your head - comfortably snug, but not too tight.
  • Helmet shouldn't slip - when you move your head
  • Thick straps - for comfort and safety
  • Choose a bright one - to be seen by other road users

The measurements of each helmet are shown on the products in the catalogue and on the website.

All of our helmets conform to the industry standard EN1078

Bike locks

Keep your bike safe wherever you park by choosing a good lock.  Here are the main ones to choose from:

  • Cable locks - flexible cable that's easy to wrap around most objects.  Usually quite long and coiled, making it easy to carry with your bike.
  • Chain locks - usually steel based, incredibly strong and flexible.
  • Shackle locks - often in 'D' or 'U' shape for increased strength and security.  On the down side they can be very heavy.

Most of the above locks come in either a combination or key variation:-

  • Combination - choose a secure number that no-one can guess!
  • Key - good security, but may need more maintenance such as keeping the lock lubricated.

Cycling in comfort

If you plan to use your bike more regularly, the following may help provide more comfort:

  • Gel saddles - more comfortable than standard saddles
  • Mudguards - to reduce wet or mud splashes from the tyres.
  • Sports sunglasses - minimise glare.
  • Gloves - fingerless or full, help protect hands in cold weather.
  • Bike computers - measure speed, distance travelled and some record your heart rate too.

Bike maintenance

Always make sure you have a pump and puncture repair kit with you.   Bigger tool kits are also available for work to be carried out at home.

Family cycling

Bike carriers that attach to either the roof or boot of your car make it easy to take all the family's bikes with you on holiday.

If you have small children and want to take them out with you when you're cycling, a few different options are available:

  • Child seats - fixed onto a rack that attaches to the rear axle. They are similar to car safety seats, with a hard outside shell and harness
  • Child trailers - fixed to the back of your bike and pulled along behind you. Great for shorter journeys, but not the safest option if you're going a long way on roads
  • Tow bars - available to attach a kids' bike to the back of an adult one. Kids can pedal their own bike, or just be pulled along

Finally, we have a big range of tricycles, kids' bikes and accessories to get your children started - including plenty featuring their favourite characters and stabilisers to ease them in gently.


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