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baby monitors

The safety of your child is paramount and it can be even more of a worry when they are young. Use a baby monitor to hear them as they sleep, giving you peace of mind.

Whilst your baby is sleeping soundly you can either get some much-needed rest yourself, or get on with some of the things you cannot do whilst they are awake.

  • So they are never out of ear shot, baby monitors allow you to hear them even when you are several rooms away, by using radio waves to transmit sound.
  • Most monitors come with two units; the baby unit for the nursery, and the parent unit, or receiver, which you can carry from room to room with you.
  • We have a wide selection of monitors from a number of brands including Angelcare, Motorola and BT.
  • They allow you to listen, and in some cases to see, what your baby is doing wherever you are in the house.

This guide explains the different features and benefits of the monitors in our range. Remember though, they're there to help and can't replace adult supervision.

At Argos, we have a range of monitors to suit different needs. You need to decide if an analogue or digital monitor would suit your home best. You may also wish to use a sensor mat monitor, which detects your baby's movements.

analogue baby monitor digital video monitor sensor mat monitor

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