Digital Recording Explained

With the introduction of the digital TV switchover not only is it important to convert your TV, you will also need to consider your recording options, particularly if you don't want to miss your favourite programmes.

If you want to record digital TV after the switchover then there are a number of options. This guide shows you the main benefits and what to look for when choosing your new digital recorder.

Digital TV Recorders?

The simplest way to convert both your TV and recorder is to upgrade to a digital TV recorder (DTR). DTRs are a great solution for recording digital TV with features such as:

  • Built-in Freeview giving access to all Freeview services and channels.
  • Hard disk drive enabling quick and easy access to recorded programmes with no need for tapes or discs.
  • Electronic Programmes Guide (EPG) for programmes listings and simple channel selection.

Digital DVD Recorders

Freeview logosDVD recorders are great for keeping your recordings indefinitely and give you the versatility to share your favourite programmes, video, MP3 and photos with family and friends. All of our DVD recorders are digital so you can be sure they will work before, during and after the switchover.

For added flexibility you could choose a DVD recorder with hard disk drive. This enables quick and easy access to recordings when you want them.

Freeview +freeview plus

Many DTR models are labelled as "Freeview +". This is a standard that identifies it as having the following features in additional to those of a standard DTR:

  • One-touch recording - select the programme you want to record from the on-screen guide and simply press the record button, leave the box to do the rest.
  • Series recording (selected models only) - allows you to record all episodes, remember to record every time it's on.
  • Pause live TV - great when the phone rings, just hit pause and pick up where you left off.
  • Rewind live TV - missed the goal or just want to see it again? Rewind and enjoy your very own instant replay.

All this functionality comes with no subscription charges, giving you great digital flexibility with no on-going cost.

Twin Tuners

To ensure you will be able to watch and record different programmes look out for a recorder with Twin Tuners. The great thing about twin tuner recorders is that you can connect them to an analogue TV and enjoy Freeview and the ability to record all from one box. A twin tuner recorder lets you watch one digital channel and record another.

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