Toy cars, trains, boats and planes



Whizz around the ground, chug along the tracks, sail across the waters and soar through the skies with Argos' collection of toy cars, trains, boats and planes. Kids love to race their mates, simulate scenarios and pretend to navigate their favourite vehicles, and with our selection of toys here at Argos, you'll be sure to find the one they love most.

They'll be able to call on Fireman Sam to put out a fire in their LEGO Duplo village, astound action figure onlookers with their flipping amazing air shows, and set their sights for sea voyages with a fearless crew.

As all kids love inventing, you could get them experimenting with some science toys so they can learn as well as play. And, if they are into the world of art, get them some arts and crafts so they can start visualising themselves as the next great artist of their generation. If music is their forte, then we also stock a fantastic array of musical instruments to get them composing from the beginning.


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