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Technology has advanced to make your life easier. With Argos' supply of smart home systems, you can control the environment of your home with a few simple clicks from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Set your lighting on a systematic routine so it can welcome you home, help wake you in the morning, or just turn your light off from the comfort of your own bed so you don't have to get out from underneath the covers. If you're feeling chilly you can just turn up the heating from your phone, set it on a timer, or turn it off if you think you left it on whilst at work and save yourself a lot of money on bills. Smart plugs are another fantastic energy-saving device – plus, if you're concerned you left the oven on when you're out, you can just turn it off with a simple click on your smartphone. And, with our smart home monitoring systems, you can safeguard your home right from your phone by just checking in on the app and looking straight through the eyes of your home camera system and more. Check it out now.

There's no need to be concerned about home security with our fantastic smart systems in place, but if you would like to add a few more useful security measures to your house, then check out our smoke alarms, security lights, safes and CCTV cameras, and feel comfortable whether you're in or out.

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