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Back in stock message

reserved by textHow does it work?

You've tried to reserve a product for store pick-up using Check & Reserve but found it was out of stock? Don't worry, you can find out when it's back in stock by using your mobile phone to receive a text message when the product is back in stock.

STEP 1 - opt in to a 'back in stock' text message

  • Type the catalogue number, followed by either your postcode, store town name, or number. Make sure there's a space between them e.g. 5003727 HA46LL, 5003727 Woking (list of stores provided at the back of the Argos catalogue or in our Store locator).
  • Send your text message to 61201.
  • Unless the item has come back in stock since you last tried to reserve it, you will be advised that the product is out of stock. You will then be offered the option to opt in to a ‘back in stock’ text message. Opt in to the message by texting YES.

STEP 2 - ‘back in stock' message

  • When the item comes back in stock, you will receive a text message (normally sent at around 8.00am on weekdays and 9.00am on weekends).
  • If you reply RESERVE, the product will be held for you at the store of your choice for 24 hours.
  • If the product does not come back in to stock within 7 days, you will receive a text message advising you of this. At this point, you can opt in again or cancel the request.