Frequently asked questions - buying a gift

  • How can I view a gift list?

    To view a gift list go to View & buy from a list and enter either the list reference number (which the list owner can give you), or enter the details requested to search for the list.

    You can also view lists at any Argos store - go to any till point with the reference number or the name of the list owner(s) and the date of the wedding or other special event.

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  • Do you deliver all the gifts in one go?

    Unfortunately we cannot collate all the gifts and deliver on one day. If you buy online you will need to arrange delivery either to yourself or someone who will be able to sign for the delivery. When you buy a gift at a store you will be given the item to take away.

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  • How do I buy a gift from a gift list?

    Gifts can be bought at any Argos store, online at or by telephone. All you need is the unique gift list number, or the name of the list owner(s) and the date of the wedding or other special event. When you buy your gift in store you take the item away with you.

    If buying online or by telephone you can have items delivered to any address – but someone may need to sign for the delivery. Most items are usually delivered in 2 working days, items which take longer are marked on the list – to avoid any late panics!

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  • How do I buy from a gift list online?

    Go to View & buy from a list. You can search for the list using the unique list number or by entering the name of the list owner(s) and the date of the wedding or other special event. Once you have the correct list you can see which items are still available to buy. You will need to enter your delivery postcode to ‘activate’ the list and so that we can check stock at the nearest warehouse.Please note that if you want to have the item delivered to the list owner then you need their delivery details and to check that they will be in to sign for the delivery on the delivery date you select when ordering.

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  • Is there a delivery charge?

    If you order items for home delivery, if all your items are small, you pay just 5.95 for your whole order to be delivered. However, if one of your items is large, you pay 8.95 for your whole order to be delivered, no matter how many items you have

    Please note that delivery charges apply to orders, not to individual items. So if you have other items to get (not from a gift list), it's a good idea to order everything at the same time for delivery to the same address. See Home delivery information for full details.

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  • Do you gift wrap the gifts?

    We are not able to offer this service, but we do find that people often prefer to wrap gifts themselves in order to take them to the celebration or party, which also means that you can personalize the wrapping for the individual.

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  • Can I reserve gifts to pick up in store?

    If you prefer to buy your gift from a store then you can still view the list online and see what is left to buy before you go shopping. We recommend that you write down the catalogue numbers of a couple of gifts that you would like to buy - so you have a second choice ready just in case your first choice has been bought in the meantime. You can also check stock and reserve items in advance of going to the store, but we can only remove items from the list once the items are actually purchased. See Check & reserve details of how to check stock or reserve items. Please remember to quote the gift list number when you go to the store to ensure that the gift is removed from the gift list.

    Please note that the prices shown on the list are the current selling prices, so they may change from time to time. When buying from gift list you will be charged the price which is live in our stores on the day the item is bought.

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