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A simple guide to staying safe on bonfire night

A simple guide to staying safe on bonfire night

November 5th, Guy Fawkes night is fast approaching so whether you’re putting on a firework display of your own or heading along to a public bonfire event, keeping everybody safe should be the first thing on your mind.

Bonfire night can be lots of fun for all the family, but it’s vitally important that you’re aware of all the relevant fireworks safety issues.


Sparklers are always popular on fireworks night but as a general rule you shouldn’t let any children under the age of five use them, no matter how much they protest! The tip of a sparkler becomes around five times hotter than cooking oil when lit, so while they may look pretty they’re not something to be taken lightly.

Top tips for sparklers:

  • Wear gloves at all times
  • Hold the sparkler at the base only
  • When sparklers go out, place them in a bucket of water to cool down rather than throwing them on the ground.

Holding your own display

If you’re planning on holding your own private firework display Argos has a great range of fireworks for sale that can be purchased in-store. With Catherine wheels, Sky rockets, sparklers, and multipack boxes we have something to suit everyone.

Top 10 important safety tips:

  • Only buy fireworks marked with CE MARKED BS EN 15947 safety standard, all Argos fireworks have this standard.
  • Keep your fireworks in a sealable metal box and only remove one at a time
  • Wear gloves and eye protectors when letting off fireworks
  • Donít assume all fireworks work the same way Ė follow the individual instructions on each one you use
  • Read firework instructions with a torch Ė using a naked flame is highly dangerous
  • Ensure that anyone watching is at a safe distance and any pets are kept indoors
  • Light your fireworks at armís length using a taper or safety firework lighter
  • Retreat to a safe distance once the firework is lit
  • If the firework has seemingly failed to ignite, do not attempt to re-light it. Stay a safe distance away as it may still go off
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby to douse your used fireworks at the end of your display and then either bury them or place back in your metal container

Public fireworks displays

The safest way to enjoy the festivities is to attend a well organised public display. Remember though that there are still potential dangers to be aware of:

  • Children you are with should be fully supervised at all times
  • Make sure your whole group is situated behind the provided safety barriers. Fireworks can sometimes act unpredictably, so barriers are set a safe distance back to cover all eventualities.

By being aware of the potential dangers and putting precautions in place to combat them, you’ll ensure that you can get on with the important business of enjoying a memorable bonfire night for all the family.


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