Argos QR Codes

QR Codes

What is a QR code?

A QR code (Quick Response code) is a 2 dimensional barcode that can be scanned by a mobile device (e.g. smartphone).

The code consists of black and white blocks arranged in a square pattern on a white background.

You simply scan it with your mobile device and it can provide information such as text or videos, direct you to a specific web page, or can even be used for competitions.


Benefits of using QR codes

We've introduced QR codes to our new catalogue to give you instant access to our new mobile site including:

  • Latest prices
  • Latest promotions
  • In-depth product information
  • Video guides, much more


How to use a QR code

  1. Step 1:
    Download a QR reader

    application onto your mobile device (e.g. smartphone)
  2. Step2:
    Open the app and follow the instructions to take a photo of the QR code
  3. Step 3:
    The QR code will automatically link you to the relevant content on the Argos mobile site


Download a QR Reader for your smart phone

QR code reading applications can be found for all smart phones.

iTunes store

Blackberry app world

Android market

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