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New Baby Nursery Essentials from Laura at Side Street Style

Laura from the blog Side Street Style has chosen some of her new nursery must haves. Read on for the low down on everything from great cots and more

Getting a nursery ready for your new arrival is an exciting time in every parent's life. It's a time filled with emotion, excitement and practicality, making sure you have all the essentials and a safe, comforting environment prepared for your newborn.

It's also something that you can share with your partner, a real joint effort, and both John and I found it very relaxing and a great way to spend quality time with each other before the newborn arrived.

Laura's son's nursery design with a white and blue theme

Choosing our colours and theme

Even though we knew the sex of our baby, when it came to putting together our son's room, we still went for neutral shades based around jasmine white. We went for classic finishes with the furniture as we wanted timeless pieces that we could use again should we have another child in the future.

When designing our nursery, we found that picking the larger furniture pieces out first meant we could work around them and find complementing accessories. I think it's important to have an idea of what you want the overall look to be to prevent any major colour clashes or ending up with unnecessary clutter.

Essential nursery furniture

The main component of any nursery has got to be the bed - this is something that really comes down to personal choice with the main factors being style, safety and practicality. We both felt it was important to have a cot that grows with your baby and can transform into a comfortable toddler bed. We really liked the The Little Green Sheep Ryeland Cot, although the East Coast Boston Cot Bed is equally stylish and practical.

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With a baby shower and all the presents you will receive from loved ones you will find that even before the birth your baby has enough clothes to last the first few months.

A wardrobe with enough space to store those beautifully knitted cardigans and baby grows is essential, and John and I decided to go with a similar design to the cot, the Classic Two-Tone nursery wardrobe and chest of drawers, that we can use for years, and hopefully for any future children we may have.

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Soft furnishings for your nursery

Once you have those basics down it comes to the fun bit of decorating and accessorising the room. Of course you still need to make sure you pick up essentials such as a mattress, changing mat, muslin squares and bed sheets for example, but it's also a time you can start adding a splash of colour. If you're going for a gender neutral theme as we were, animals, safari prints, lettering and numbers are perfect for this. John loved the nursery curtains with friendly characters on, which paired up perfectly with the large, colourful play mats. We couldn't wait to lie down on ours with our newborn when he starts to explore all the wonderful colours around him.

A cot mobile for your baby

When it came to picking mobile we both decided on something a little bit more natural, made from fabric. We stayed away from anything too bright or loud, because sleep is everything, and the purpose of a mobile should be to soothe your little one, not keep them awake.

Argos has a great selection and John went for the super cute nautical inspired Clair De Lune Ahoy Mobile and I went for the Lollipop Lane Herbs Garden Cot Mobile. We also found the soothing sounds and soft light of the Playskool Lullaby Gloworm really useful for calming our son, we were actually given one as a present and it came in handy a lot when we were travelling. There is something about its calming lullaby and friendly face that seems to really work.

Travelling with your new baby

Choosing the right pram or pushchair is very much a personal thing, based on budget, what your friends tell you and style. A good buggy is really important as you will come to rely on the buggy as a pair of extra hands for carrying shopping, a place to store extras like nappies, and it's you and baby's way to get out and about! We went for a basic design but there are all kinds of colours to choose from. John wanted a baby carrier, and a friend of mine really loves her BabyBjorn Original baby carrier, she has three children now and it's still going strong, so that seemed a natural choice. You might need a car seat too, if you have a car or if your relatives do and you might go along with them, with baby. You'll find everything you and your travelling bubba need here.

Baby-proofing your nursery

Back to the practical side of things and even though your little one won't be crawling for a few months those months will literally fly by, often in a daze due to lack of sleep. I highly recommend fitting safety gates on the nursery beforehand as this saves time and peace of mind, just make sure you measure your door before ordering as they come in all different sizes.

The best baby monitor

One last but very important thing every nursery needs is a monitor. It's often something you spend a lot of time researching and deciding on, as they can range from the very basic up to the very high tech with video and movement monitors.

We opted for something in the middle that also doubled as a soft nightlight such as the BT Pacifier monitor and with them nearly all being digital these days the sound is really crisp and clear. If however you are a first time parent and a little bit nervous then one with a video monitor may be for you.

Once you have these essentials sorted out you can really start to sit back and wait for the most amazing and life changing event you will ever experience. There is nothing like the feeling of bringing your baby home for the first time!

Piece by Laura from Side Street Style