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Holiday checklist: five camping essentials you didn’t know you needed

You’ve booked some time off work and you’re ready to enjoy a ‘back to basics’ holiday or perhaps a trip to a summer music festival. But do you have everything you need? When embarking on a camping trip it’s natural to want to travel light – but you’re going to need more than just a change of clothes and a camping stove. Essential items needn’t take up a huge amount of space, however; read on for five examples of camping equipment you’ll be thankful for.

Quick accommodation

Many veterans continue to harp on about the process of putting up a complicated tent being a rite of passage for those taking a camping trip. But let’s face it – there are better things you can be doing with your time, like getting on with the important business of relaxing. A pop up tent is absolutely ideal; as the name would suggest, these tents go up in a matter of seconds with no fuss. And the quality of modern pop up tents is a lot better than people give them credit for – so leave the purists to it and put your feet up.


Get fresh without queuing

Waiting in line for a shower at a packed campsite can be more than a little frustrating. Take matters into your own hands; bring your own! Compact solar camping showers are extremely compact for packing purposes but they also boast a high capacity when in use – up to 20 litres. Warming the water takes less than three hours meaning they’re ideal for freshening up throughout the day.


Stay classy

It’s all very well having a bottle of wine in the cool box to toast the first evening of the holiday but pouring your well-earned drink into paper cups tends to shatter the illusion somewhat. Nesting wine glasses are the answer – made from a durable polycarbonate feature screw-off stems, meaning that they can be packed away compactly. They look the part and there are even champagne flute varieties available if you’re really pushing the boat out with some bubbly.


Light your way

Sure, everybody knows to bring a torch to the campsite – but not everybody has the foresight to bring along a head torch. Whether you’re carrying a large water container back to your camping spot from the communal tap or escorting your kids across the site on a late night toilet trip, being able to illuminate your path forward while still having your hands free can be incredible handy.


Be ready for anything

You never know just what tool you might need while you’re away but space is at a premium so picking up a multi-tool is a great idea. With retractable heads including pliers, screwdrivers, knife blades, scissors and bottle/can openers amongst others, these useful tools are perfect for gadget-loving campers while also being incredibly compact. With a solution for so many problems in such a small package, a multi-tool is always worth a place in your pocket.