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Five reasons to love the Google Nexus 7 tablet

The Google Nexus 7 (2013) is a beautiful thing. Simple enough to grab, throw in a bag and go, yet it packs in a great deal of memory, a brilliant high-definition screen, and even surround sound (yes, surround sound on a tablet!). You'll get a huge amount of technical kit and enjoyment out of this sleek tablet, especially with the attractive price tag.

Pros Cons
Fantastic screen and sound
Plenty of battery life
Great price
5 mega pixel camera
No microSD card slot
32GB is the maximum capacity available

Five reasons to love the Google Nexus 7

  1. Screen: One of the very sharpest tablet screens on the market, the Google Nexus 7 is great for gaming, reading eBooks with sharper print than the real thing, and watching TV shows and movies in fantastic 1080p HD!
  2. Sound: Incredible surround sound is achieved whether you're using the built-in speakers or even listening on your earphones. Listening to music or watching a movie with earphones can sometimes sound 'flat', like the sound is one-dimensional, or purely inside your head. Not so with the Google Nexus 7: mobile audio technology experts Fraunhofer have invented surround sound for tablet speakers and earphones, using a technology called Cingo™ . Sharper sound, with great depth: the result is very close to the sound you get when listening on 'real' loudspeakers. Amazing.
  3. Wireless charging: Fiddling about with wires and chargers can be annoying, especially when you're busy catching up with the latest cat pictures on Reddit. The Google Nexus 7's wireless charger simply snaps magnetically onto the back of the tablet, a totally hassle-free way to charge.
  4. Apps and Games: The Android operating system supports a huge variety of apps and games, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The sharpness of the screen, quality speakers, and the lightness and comfort of holding this tablet, all create a truly impressive and immersive gaming experience.

    While it comes with a load of preloaded apps, there are endless ways to customise your screen, add widgets, and generally make your tablet your own. You'll find lots of specific Nexus 7 apps, too, to optimise your tablet and the unique ways you use it. The only thing is, with no removable storage (micro SD card), you'll be using the tablet's internal memory, so keep an eye on how many games you download!
  5. Made for sharing: The Google Nexus 7 is an absolute life-saver for parents of young children. You can easily set up separate home screens for your kids, where they can access all their own games and play safely, while blocking them from costly in-game purchases. You can also restrict or block internet access in the web browser on your children's accounts. Having separate accounts will also stop them getting into your emails or shopping apps!

    For adults too, the multiple user accounts set up is incredibly useful. Have your own Gmail, apps and widgets set up right where you need them, specific to each person's account!

Verdict: The Google Nexus 7 is a great, shareable family tablet. With so many uses and ways to customise it to suit you and your family's individual needs, you'll wonder what you did before you had one!