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Good Housekeeping Institute

good house keeping

Argos.co.uk has teamed up with the Good Housekeeping Institute to offer you independent advice on the best products to buy for your home.

Wherever you see the Good Housekeeping Institute Approved logo, you can be assured that the product has passed a series of quality assessment tests carried out by experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

The Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) has been testing products on behalf of the consumer for the last 80 years. The GHI uses the real-life approach, testing products in all the ways you would yourself, putting them through the rigours of everyday life.

All products are tested on their performance, ease of use, design and instructions. The kettles, for instance, are tested on time taken to boil, noise levels, volume of steam generated, comfort when holding, how well they pour, resistance to lime-scale and so on.

Good Housekeeping is the biggest selling women's magazine in its market so you can relax knowing that products bought from Argos carrying the GHI Approved logo have been professionally and thoroughly tested.

Look out for this logo on Argos.co.uk and in our catalogue for products which have been approved by the GHI:

good house keeping