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Ride-on & Tractor Mowers

We offer a wide range of ride-on and tractor mowers to suit all user requirements. These practical products are easy to use and maintain and make light work of the largest of gardens.

Things to think about before you decide on your ride-on or tractor mower:

Width of product: Consider access to and from your garden as well as access to small areas of your lawn, such as around flower beds. The two ride-on mowers are narrower and are Garden gate friendly, meaning they are less than a standard garden gate (760mm) in width.

Lawn size: Consider the size and shape of your cutting area. The ride-on mower is designed as a labour saving alternative to a walk behind mower and brings ride-on comfort to even the smallest garden. They are extremely manageable and will pass comfortably through a standard garden gate. The wider cutting capacity of the tractor mower is ideal for larger open spaces. The following table is to be used as a guide only:

Product Guide: Lawn Size

6.5hp Ride-on mower0.5 Acre

12.5hp Ride-on mower0.75 Acre

13.5hp Tractor mower1.0 Acre

15.5hp Tractor mower1.5 Acre

Please note: As a rough guide, 1 acre is approximately the same size as a football pitch.

Storage: It is recommended that machines are stored in a dry environment, especially during winter months and wet conditions.


  • Cutting heights: All cutting decks are height adjustable in order to adapt to the type of grass and ground being mowed. Both ride-on mowers have a single steel blade, whilst tractor mowers have twin contra-rotating steel blades.
  • Grass collection: All products have a rear-discharge collection chute, which means that the grass has a short distance to travel to enter the grass collector. Cutting conditions in the UK mean that grass is wet and, consequently, heavy; therefore the shorter the distance the grass has to travel to enter the grass collector, the better.
  • Emptying the grass collector: All Argos ride-on and tractor mowers have large grass collectors, meaning fewer stops and can be emptied from a seated position without the need to pick up large and heavy loads.
  • Deck washing facility: All Argos ride-on and tractor mowers have a hose pipe attachment fitted to the cutting deck. To ensure the blade and deck are kept clean, simply attach the hose pipe to the connector, turn on the water, start the engine and engage the blades.
  • Briggs & Stratton engine: All Argos ride-on and tractor mowers are fitted with a Briggs & Stratton engine. All Briggs engines are designed to be durable and reliable and are supported by a nationwide network of Authorised Service Dealers.
  • Driving position/controls: All seats are adjustable to enable the operator to achieve a comfortable driving position. All controls are functional and user friendly with all products having a key-operated start.
  • Wheels: All tyres have a wide profile to stop turf being marked in wet conditions.
  • Safety: User safety is of paramount importance and each machine includes many safety features such as the operator must be seated on the machine otherwise the engine will cut out. This ensures the machine cannot become out of control.
  • Guarantee: All products are supplied with a 2-year Home User Guarantee.

Catalogue ref:  707/0277 707/0284 707/0291 707/0301
Description:  6.5hp Ride-on Mower 12.5hp Ride-on Mower 13.5hp Tractor Mower 15.5hp Tractor Mower
Cutting height:  62cm 71cm 92cm 102cm
Height adjustment:  5 cutting heights 7 cutting heights 7 cutting heights 7 cutting heights
Engine size:  6.5hp 12.5hp 13.5hp 15.5hp
Grass collector:  140 Litres 170 Litres 250 Litres 300 Litres
Forward gears:  3 5 5 Automatic
Reverse gears:  1 1 1 Automatic
Tractor width:  750mm 760mm 960mm 1050mm
Blades:  Single Single Twin Twin
Garden size:  0.5 Acres 0.75 Acres 1 Acre 1.5 Acre