Kids love learning, especially for Christmas | 10 January 05

Sales of toys for Christmas this year show that contrary to popular belief, kids love learning!

Inspired by programmes such as the new BBC show 'Hard Spell' , educational toys are flying off the shelves in unprecedented numbers this Christmas.

A list of Argos' top 10 best selling toys reveals that a staggering 60% of their toys sold are learning based.

The highest placed educational toy comes straight in at number 2. The V. smile TV learning system from Vtech is an educational gaming console with a range of games offering age appropriate curriculum and skills levels. £44.99

Helen Goodman, Chief Executive of the National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries which produces the annual Good Toy Guide, says "Children naturally want to learn and playing - experimenting and exploring, is the way they do this. It is an essential part of growing up."