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Ready for wireless networking?

No longer confined to one room in the house, wireless networking lets you work or play anywhere in the home giving you the freedom to look up a recipe in the kitchen or check emails in the garden.

By simply plugging a router into your phone socket or cable box, your entire home can be connected into a wireless network through one central point. You can then surf the web, play games online by connecting your console*, print from any computer in the house to a single printer*, listen to music from your PC using a WiFi radio and share files between PCs.

* You may require an additional adaptor to wireless enable your games console or printer

Connect the whole household

Connect the whole household

There are several parts to a wireless network: router, adaptors, printer servers and portable hard drives. Connecting them is easy. Find out about everything you need to consider in the Argos Guide to Wireless networking.

Adding accessories will make the most of your wireless network. To see what's available and what it gives you, see the Argos Guide to Wireless accessories.

Confused about the terms? Don't be – take a look at the Jargon Buster.