Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii UThe Wii U has redeveloped and revolutionised the way we game to a completely new level.



Key features

  • There are a great range of Nintendo Wii U games available to play so you will always have something to enjoy on your console.
  • The Nintendo Wii U is the first games console from Nintendo to support high definition graphics, providing crisp, vivid images that enhance your game play.
  • The Nintendo Wii U is the first console to feature a touch screen, revolutionising the way in which you game. The 6.2" screen can act as a standalone screen or can act as a second screen, giving you extra immersive options as you play your game. With dual analog sticks, a built-in microphone and camera there is so much you can do.
  • There is a superb variety of Nintendo Wii U accessories to enhance your gaming experience too.
  • The Wii U is backwards compatible meaning that you can play your old favourites from the original Nintendo Wii on the Wii U.
    • Wii U games may also support compatibility with Wii peripherals including the remote and nunchuk. (However, please do check the game before purchasing.)
  • There is also a great selection of Nintendo Wii U Bundles on offer to give you superb flexibility when it comes to deciding what you want with your games console.
  • Utilise the inbuilt Nintendo Wii U Wifi for a host of features that offers a superbly rounded experience.
    • The Nintendo eShop will mean you can download add-ons for games, new games and even retro games that you can play on the Nintendo Gamecube.
    • The Wii U also has a web browser that you can use on the Wii U GamePad or on your television.
    • Embrace TV options too including find programs on Hulu Plus and Netflix as well as a host of other media services.
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