High definition TV and picture enhancement explained

Standard definition has for many years given us great TV pictures; however, with the introduction of plasma and LCD TVs, High Definition (HD) TV has become possible. The HD experience is a major step forward and has to be seen to be believed.

High definition TV and picture enhancement
High definition TV and picture enhancement







High Definition produces magnificent picture quality, crisp detail and amazingly vivid colour. It is like nothing you will have experienced before. If you are looking to buy a new television smaller than 37in then a HD Ready TV will give you fantastic results from a high definition source such as a Freesat HD box.

If you are looking for a larger TV and want a true home cinema experience, then you may want to look out for the next generation of high definition - 1080p HD.

hd readyHigh Definition is reliant on the number of pixels on the screen to display high levels of detail. 1080p HD uses twice as many pixels as a HD Ready TV, taking an already superb high definition picture and adding even more minute detail.


pixel size

For the ultimate in picture quality connect a 1080p HD TV to a source such as a Blu-ray™ Disc player or Sony PS3 games console.

HD 720 The picture is made up of 720 lines, about 100 more than a traditional TV picture. The image you'll see is much better quality than before.
HD 1080i 1080i gives you even better picture definition, with over a thousand lines making up the image. The 'i' means it saves space on the airwaves by broadcasting only half the signal at a time, first one half then the other - so fast the eye doesn't notice.
HD 1080p (Blu-ray™) 1080p gives you the sharpest, most detailed images of all, since the picture is made up of 1080 lines all broadcasting at once (not half at a time like 1080i) meaning fast-moving sports and action scenes are blur-free. No channels are broadcasting 1080 line television programmes yet. But buy a 1080i or 1080p TV, and you'll get the most out of the High Definition DVDs already on sale in Blu-ray™ formats.


Picture Enhancement

Many TV manufacturers also have their own picture enhancing 'engines'. The software inside the TV enhances the picture by managing colour levels, contrast, brightness and resolution to produce sharper, clearer images with richer and more realistic colour.

TVs with picture enhancement are usually models with lots of other great features, look out for these throughout our range.

100Hz picture technology

If you watch lots of fast moving sports or action movies then you will benefit from a TV with 100Hz technology. The TV smooths the motion, reducing any blurring or judder, giving crisp, smooth action.

100hz picture technology

Remember, 'Digital' and 'High Definition' aren't the same thing. Digital refers to how the signal is broadcast, whereas High Definition refers to the quality of the image. Even before broadcasts begin, High Definition quality is already available on disc in Blu-ray™ formats.

What is a Blue-ray™ disc?

Blu-ray ™ is DVD for the 21st century. High Definition brings the best possible picture quality to an HD-Ready TV. You can now enjoy this improved picture from the format known as Blu-ray ™ Disc. It outputs in the highest resolution of 1080 pixels, giving the ultimate in sharpness. A 1080 pixel HD TV uses twice as many pixels as a HD Ready TV, taking an already superb high definition picture and adding even more detail.

Blu-ray ™ Discs hold significantly more data than a standard DVD disc. Not only does this deliver your favourite movies in high definition, an added benefit of the technology is the ability to include interactive features. This can take the form of director's commentary, trailers or even ways to interact directly with the movie's content.

More than the picture

The benefits of Blu-ray ™ Discs extend beyond the amazing picture quality. Many Blu-ray ™ Discs hold another feature - full 7.1 surround sound. When using a compatible Blu-ray ™ player and home cinema system you can enjoy the ultimate home cinema experience. Hear everything as it happens around you, immersing you in the centre of the action.

sound diagram

To take full advantage of 7.1 surround sound available with Blu-ray ™ discs, look out for players that have 7.1 HD audio decoding. You will also need a home cinema system to benefit from the surround sound available on Blu-ray ™ Discs.

Why get a Blue-ray™ disc player?

dvd picture quality

If you have an HD-Ready TV then there is no better way of making the most of the improved picture quality available.

A Blu-ray ™ player will significantly improve the visual experience of movies, as well as the many TV series that are now being released onto this format. The perfect match for Blu-ray ™ is a 1080HD - Ready TV as the output from the disc exactly matches the capability of the television screen, giving you the best picture quality possible. Blu-ray ™ disc players can also play all standard DVD discs and will even improve the picture quality of these to a near HD experience.

hdmiMaking the connection

When using Blu-ray ™ technology you will need an HDMI cable to connect the player to your HD Ready TV.

A HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is the modern day equivalent of the scart lead. It transfers data digitally from the player to your TV, reducing any interference and delivering amazing crisp pictures and sound.