How do I record digital programmes? The digital recording revolution gives the power of convenience back to the viewer. You don't ever need to use tapes again!

Digital TV Recorders

Digital TV Recorders operate like a computer hard drive by storing the TV programmes in memory to be played back instantly, meaning no need for tapes or discs. They are also incredibly easy to use - just choose your favourite programme from the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and record away!

No need for tapes!
A Digital TV Recorder from Argos combines the functionality of Hard Disc recording and the multi-channel benefits of an integrated Freeview service. The HDD works just like a computer hard drive, storing the TV programme in its built-in memory for playback whenever you choose.

Two for one!
Can't decide which TV show to record? Some Digital TV Recorders come equipped with Twin Tuner technology meaning you can watch one digital channel whilst recording another.

Live playback
If you're interrupted while watching TV, then hit pause on your remote control and the HDD will start recording. As soon as you hit pause again you can continue watching whilst your HDD carries on recording until the end of the show!

DVD Recorders

DVD Recorders are replacing VHS videocassettes as the portable recording format of choice - thanks to greater recording capacity, easier navigation, better playback and superior durability.

A trip down memory lane
There are times when you may want to save a special moment for posterity. DVD Recorders offer all the functionality of a digital recording device with the added benefit of being able to record and remove the disc for playback another time.

Ease of use
Gone are the days of struggling to find a recording halfway through a VHS tape. DVD Recorders conveniently store 'chapters' similar to tracks on a CD for total ease of navigation.

Higher quality
DVD Recorders let you trade picture quality for recording time: the better the picture quality, the more space it takes up on the disc. Typically, squeezing three hours on to one disc still offers much better quality than videotape.

DVD Recorders with HDD

The best of both worlds
If you want to combine the convenience of HDD recording with the option of permanent storage to DVD, then Argos recommends one of the combination DVD Recorders with HDD.

Creating space
A built-in HDD offers much greater recording capacity than a single DVD, however the space will eventually run out, meaning you'll have to re-record over existing material.

Archive advantage
With the added benefit of an integrated DVD Recorder you can copy any favourite programme to disc for permanent storage - without the need for an additional box under the TV!

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