What is HDTV/Blue-ray/HD DVD?

You've seen nothing until you've witnessed the quality of High Definition TV (HDTV). HDTV represents the biggest revolution in broadcasting since TV turned from black & white to colour.

Are you ready for HD?

A TV that carries the 'HD Ready' label means that it has a higher definition screen with a minimum of 720 lines to display a High Definition broadcast in all its glory especially when compared to 625 lines of standard broadcast. From the blades of grass on a football pitch to the intricate detail of a rose petal - seeing is believing. HD services are currently undergoing trials by several major broadcasters with a view to offering full service in 2007.

More pixels means more detail

The diagram to the right illustrates the difference between conventional and HD television picture quality.

Tomorrow's features today. Improved quality, playback and interactivity.

Home entertainment enthusiasts know that a true High Definition experience isn't complete without a HD-enabled media player. Offering the highest of High Definition, both Blu-ray and HD DVD enable playback at a stunning 1080p - displaying 1080 lines on screen and enabling pinpoint picture clarity. Put simply, it's just like 'being there' without having to leave the room. 1080p TV broadcasts don't start until 2012, but entertainment devices such as PS3, Blu-ray players and HD DVD mean you can already enjoy Hollywood blockbusters in true High Definition glory.

Blu-ray - Superior capacity

Blu-ray offers up to five times the resolution of a standard DVD and makes an ideal accompaniment to HD TV. Blu-ray discs are very similar to a DVD disc but can hold much more information, meaning there's potential for even more interactive features and extra content.

HD DVD - Unbeatable value

HD DVD represents the most affordable way of leaping into the next generation of DVD technology. Offering 1080p playback and a greater recording capacity than existing DVDs, HD DVD is bringing the cinema home.

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