Flatscreens: LCDS and Plasma

There are two main types of Flat Screen technology - each offering a tremendous range of features.

LCD - Sharp and cool

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) offers a lightweight TV that can be situated in any room. The image quality is renowned for amazingly sharp and bright images that use less electricity and generate less heat than competing TV technology.


Plasma screens offer a wide viewing angle with constant picture quality from any seat in the room. If size is important, Plasma takes care of it - see our extensive range of televisions for latest screen sizes.

Future Proofing!

  • Be sure to look for the digital tick, when choosing a new TV. It identifies products which are designed to keep working once we've switched over to digital TV
  • Visit www.freeview.co.uk and enter your postcode to ensure you can receive Digital TVs. (Argos.co.uk is not responsible for the content of external websites. This link will open in a new window)
  • Not all Digital TVs are HD Ready - if you want to enjoy High Definition picture quality you will need to buy a TV with a HD Ready logo.

More space

Reclaiming the living room

Imagine building a mini-extension to your home, without having to do any DIY. That's how it feels to own one of the new range of slim line TVs. Flat Screen TV technology offers a tremendous space saving benefit when compared to the area occupied by traditional sets.

Space Saving

Many Flat Screen TVs can be mounted or placed flat against the wall due to the reduced depth of the equipment - meaning you have more valuable space to do what you want in your home.

Space Saver! Both the viewing angle and available room space are optimised with Flat Screen TVs

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