What is digital TV?

Television in the UK is going digital which means we'll all need new equipment to watch and record our favourite programmes. Argos has developed this no-nonsense guide to explain the jargon and help you through the process.

Discover Digital

With Digital TV, pictures and sound transmitted by the broadcaster are converted into 'bits' of information and sent to your home through an aerial, satellite, or cable. When the digital signal arrives it is then turned back into pictures and sound by a digital box or a digital TV set.

Less is more!

Because the signal is compressed into 'bits' it takes up much less space in the airwaves than the existing signal. This makes it possible for broadcasters to deliver many more channels to your television.

Time for change

If you want to keep watching TV you need to make the switch

A process called a Digital Switchover will take place from 2008 to 2012.

This involves the current analogue service being switched off. During that time, TV services in the UK will switch to digital, TV region by TV region. Each region will be given two years notice.

To receive any TV services after switchover, all televisions will need to be converted, either by purchasing a set-top box for an existing TV, a new integrated digital TV or through connection via Satellite or Cable.

Visit www.digitaluk.co.uk for more information
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How do I get Digital TV?

This guide contains a selection of products that will help you make the switch to Digital TV. Many new TVs and recording devices already have a digital receiver built-in. Alternatively you can buy a Set Top Box that plugs directly into your TV - although there is a slim chance you may need to update your existing aerial.

Visit www.freeview.co.uk for advice on aerial upgrades and to make sure you can receive Digital TV in your postcode area. Cable and satellite customers should contact their service provider. (Argos.co.uk is not responsible for the content of external websites. This link will open in a new window)

More Choice - Always something to watch.

With Digital TV you'll receive all your usual channels plus many, many more - with no monthly subscription charges! There are 70 channels to choose from, including over 20 radio stations available to Digital TV viewers..

Here are just a few of the great channels available via Freeview:

Film4, E4, BBC News 24, BBC Three, Five, Sky Sports News, ITV2

Better quality - It's as good as being there.

Picture quality is so much better with Digital TV - no more annoying fuzz or interference blocking your view, just crystal clear reception showing TV programmes how the makers meant them to be viewed.

Digital radio from your TV

Have you listened to radio through your TV lately? Through the power of digital you can. Crystal clear digital broadcasts of over 20 separate radio stations catering to every taste. The crackle and hiss is something you certainly won't miss.

Interactivity - The red button

Ever found yourself shouting out the answer to a TV quiz - or maybe wanting to know more about a news story? By pressing the red button on a Digital TV remote control a world of interactivity is unlocked.

Have Your Say

The days of TV being one-way traffic are over. Digital TV lets you play a part in your own entertainment.

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