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4. Jargon Buster

Treadmill terms explained

Like all health and fitness equipment, treadmills use some terms you might not be familiar with. Here’s a list of the most common ones.

Belt short for conveyor belt, the ‘track’ of the treadmill
Console the controls on the front panel of the treadmill
Display the digital readout on the front panel of the treadmill
Frame the structure, usually metal tubes, that all the moving parts of the treadmill attach to
Heart monitor a sensor that takes your pulse and displays it for you
Incline the ‘tilt’ of the conveyor belt surface, making it seem as if you ’re running uphill
Manual a treadmill you operate by pushing the conveyor belt with your feet. Some manual treadmills contain magnets to make it move more smoothly
Motorised a treadmill containing electric motors that move and tilt the track for you as you walk or run
Programmes the various choices of workout on a motorised treadmill, such as 400m Track or 5km Lake Loop
Surface the top side of the conveyor, i.e the part you run or walk on
Track another word for conveyor belt or belt
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Argos guide to treadmills

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