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Sat navs are easy to install – and many are equally useful away from the car, guiding you even if you're on foot. Here's a list of some terms used.

21 Euro Common map found in sat nav, covering 21 European countries.
2D/3D The sat nav can display maps in both 'flat' 2D form and 3D, keeping the view more true to life.
Bluetooth A wireless link between your sat nav and mobile phone (or other equipment). Useful for transferring information or using your sat nav as a hands-free kit without wires.
GPS Global Positioning System. The network of satellites orbitting Earth that sat nav systems use to locate your position.
Position Plus A feature that prevents your sat nav 'losing its way' when you pass through a tunnel or a heavily built-up area where GPS reception may be poor.
Sat Nav Satellite navigation. The general term for all types of equipment that locate you and help you plan routes using the GPS system.
TMC Traffic Message Channel. Updates your sat nav with real-time traffic information over the radio network.
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Argos guide to satellite navigation

  1. Introduction to satellite navigation
  2. Choosing a sat nav system
  3. Sat nav extra features
  4. See our Jargon Buster for further explanation of technical terms