Your new puppy, and even a more mature dog, will love to play and then rest for a few hours, just like a child.

A comfortable dog bed for man's best friend

a comfortable dog bed for man's best friendYour dog will need somewhere comfortable and peaceful for rest and sleep.

The dog bed should be:

  • Comfortable
  • The right size for your dog

Plastic pet beds are easy to clean with hot soapy water, and machine-washable pet beds are also available. You should consider keeping the dog basket in the kitchen and free from draughts. The pet mattress and bedding should be kept clean. The area where the bed is kept should be easy to clean in case of accidents, especially if you have a puppy or an older dog.

If your pet dog is older or has arthritis, consider buying a heated dog bed. There are many types available and they will bring warmth and comfort while also helping to ease stiff joints.

Have you thought about keeping your pet dog warm?

Have you thought about keeping your pet dog warm?The coats of some breeds of dogs may not be enough to protect against the effects of the wind, rain, snow and low temperatures. For these dogs a coat or jacket is a good option.

All dogs can benefit from the extra warmth a coat brings but this is especially true for dogs with short coats, puppies, senior dogs and those with low body fat (like whippets, greyhounds and underweight dogs).

Also, many Toy breed dogs have such a close body surface-to-weight ratio that they can be chilled very easily.

Your pet will appreciate toys to play with

Your pet will appreciate toys to play withDogs can become bored so your pet will appreciate suitable dog toys to play with. Positive behaviour in your pet dog or puppy can be encouraged by the use of pet toys and treats. Puppies, especially, like to chew whilst they are teething, so it makes good sense to invest in something healthy to chew on. There are many pet toys and chewy treats to choose from and you should choose toys that are suitable for dogs and that are fun such as:

  • A ball
  • Toughened rubber ring
  • Dog pull
  • Ropes
  • Chew sticks
  • Raw-hide bones (please ensure dogs are never left alone with small bones that may be swallowed)
  • Raw-hide shoes and chew sticks to name but a few of the doggie chews available

You should always supervise your pet during play so your dog does not become injured or break the dog toys.

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