Owning a pet cat can be such fun, and with the right care and attention, your pet cat or kitten will bring you countless hours and years of pleasure as cats can live for up to 17 years or more.

This pet care guide will provide you with a brief overview of what is involved in looking after your pet but it is strongly recommended that you seek advice from a vet or other animal specialist if you have any specific questions.

Giving your cat the care and love it needs is the best way to make sure your pet has a happy and long life.

Cats and kittens make perfect pets as they:

  • are relatively low maintenance
  • have loads of personality
  • make fascinating friends
  • have an inordinate amount of love to give

Think about the different breeds of cat - and the needs of that particular breed - are you prepared to meet those needs?

Owning a pet is a commitment to look after it for its life. This will include providing:

Bringing my new cat or kitten home

Cats and kittens can find moving to a new home stressful but with your loving care and attention, your cat should settle quickly:

  • Try to keep them indoors for a couple of weeks to settle before letting them outdoors but make sure there are no hazards around so that your pet does not become injured.
  • Show them where the food and water bowls are.
  • Show them where the litter tray is.
  • Introduce them gradually and gently to members of your family, friends and other pets.

Your cat will be either:

  • an outdoor lover or
  • will prefer to live inside.

You will need to provide toys so that your cat  or kitten does not become boredWhichever the case, it is essential that your cat or kitten has somewhere safe and dry where it can take shelter and get some privacy. If you have more than one cat, ensure that there are enough toys and beds for them all so that they can have their own space if they wish, although they may choose to share.

Remember that cats are intelligent animals so you will need to provide toys so that your pet cat does not become bored.

Cats need areas in which they can jump, run and generally bound around, especially if still a kitten.

They do like to be high up which is why you may find your cat sitting on top of your television or kitchen counter top so it may be worth your while actually providing a cat shelf specifically for your pet cat.

What will I need for my new cat or kitten?

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