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Nursery essentials & accessories


Our range of nursery bedding has everything you need for your newborn, and to keep them safe and tucked up as they grow.

  • Bedding bales give you a selection of light sheets and blankets, in lovely soft colours.
  • Never use a pillow, quilt or duvet with a child under 12 months, instead use sheets and blankets to keep them warm and safe.
  • For Moses baskets, a fitted sheet is easier for you and comfier for baby.
  • Special sheets and blankets designed to fit in Moses baskets are available.
  • A cot bumper is a great idea to protect baby's head if they move in the night. They come in a range of fun designs.
  • When your child is old enough for a cot bed or toddler bed, brighten up their room with a fun toddler duvet and pillow. Pick one with pretty colours or their favourite characters.
  • A baby sleeping bag is another alternative while they are young, suitable from birth until around 6 months. They are safe for baby to sleep in, with no danger of them kicking off or getting tangled in covers.

Room temperature

  • A nursery does not need to be overly warm and having the heating on all night is not usually necessary.
  • The optimum nursery temperature to keep your baby comfortable is 16-20°C. In fact, 18°C (64°F) is just right.
  • Avoid placing baby's cot too near a radiator or heater and don't place it in direct sunlight.
  • It's a good idea to use a simple room thermometer placed near to your baby's cot, so you can keep an eye on the temperature.
  • Light makes a room look airy and inviting, but it can also make your baby feel restless and uncomfortable. Blackout blinds or curtains can be a good idea to help your baby sleep peacefully without distraction.

To help you through every step of your little one's first years, we have a range of nursery furniture and accessories designed to make a life a little bit less stressful, leaving you more time to enjoy precious moments with your child.

  • Keep your child's room tidy and organised with a toy box or under cot drawers.
  • Our range of night lights and lamp shades create a safe, reassuring environment for baby.
  • To brighten up their room, consider some wall art, a wallpaper border or cushions.

To make it easier to keep an eye on them, we stock a full range of baby monitors. Once they start exploring, keep them safe by blocking off unsafe areas of the house. Look at our safety gates for more ideas.

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