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Classical guitars

Known for their smaller bodies and nylon strings, this type of guitar is ideal for classical and finger style playing. The softer nylon strings are better for plucking rather than strumming and with a wider neck they are also more comfortable for beginners. Classical guitars produce a more mellow sound compared to steel strung acoustic guitars.

Acoustic guitars

Acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitars generally have steel strings and a larger body that produces a louder and more vibrant tone than the classical type. They have a slim neck that is better for a strumming style of playing making them ideal for a singer/songwriter. They also rely upon the shape, body and strings for sound.

Electro acoustic guitars

The electro acoustic guitar can be played both acoustically or connected to an amplifier. This gives you the option of attaching your instrument to effects pedals and recording equipment. This guitar is particularly good for those wanting to plug into a suitable amplifier for group or band use. A cutaway body increases access to upper frets for advanced players.

Electric guitars

Electric guitar

An amazing number of different sounds can be produced from an electric guitar, making it extremely popular and fun to play. To hear your music properly it needs to be plugged into an amplifier. Generally they have a solid body and therefore don't produce much sound naturally. As the tones are produced electronically they can be altered by effects pedals and tone controls allowing for greater creativity. Ideal for a singer/songwriter, chord strumming and lead or rhythm style.

Bass guitar

Bass guitars are similar in construction and appearance to electric guitars but have a longer neck and scale length. Like electric guitars, they generally have a solid body meaning not much sound is produced naturally; therefore connection to an amplifier is required. Bass guitars are primarily played with the fingers or thumb by plucking, tapping or picking the strings to lay down the beat and add depth to performances.

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