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Time for a new watch?

With such a wealth of watch styles on offer, watches have now become much more than simply a timepiece. They can be:

  • A fashion statement
  • A designer look
  • A piece of sports equipment
  • A classic piece of stylish jewellery.

Now, you can have a watch for every occasion.

You can choose from analogue, digital, quartz or kinetic movement, or watches powered by light. Confused? Then read on and this guide will explain all the features and benefits of the different watches on offer.

Watch styles

Most watches are designed for either men's or ladies' use, and come in a range of styles. Consider whether an analogue or digital watch would be more suitable for your lifestyle, or whether a more specialised sports or fob watch would be better. For children's watches there is something suitable for a range of age groups, from 3+.

Classic watches

Classic watchChoose from a large range of both mens' and ladies' models. Classic watches have enduring style and appeal and can be worn for all occasions. They generally feature an analogue dial and can have a traditional leather or a bracelet style strap.

A large range means there are many different brands, colours and styles to choose from, to suit all tastes and budgets.

Sports watches

We have a great range of sports watches whether you're a diver, climber or runner. In fact, sports watches have such a great look that many people often choose this type of watch as simply a stylish addition to their wrist.

Sports watchDesigned with various levels of water resistance, sports watches usually have a stopwatch or other time and speed measurement functions. Some sports watches are also built to withstand shock.

Many fitness watches also incorporate a heart rate monitor, allowing you to keep track of your stats as you work out.

They can be analogue or digital and can have a variety of different functions. It's important to know which functions are required, and to consider the size, comfort and weight of the watch, when being worn for sport.


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