Sofa beds and futons

Sofa beds combine a comfy place to sit with a handy extra bed, making them a great way to save space.

Think about the space you have and check the way it folds out before you buy (sideways or length ways folding models are available).  Look out for corner or single sofa beds for small rooms.

  • Foam foldout - for occasional use both as a sofa and a bed.  Ideal for children or a spare room.
  • Clic clac - for regular use as both a sofa and a bed.  Supplied with a slatted base and a sprung mattress for comfort and has a storage area under the seat.
  • Metal action - suitable for general use as a sofa and occasional use as a bed - ideal for the weekend guest.
  • Everyday use metal action - suitable for more regular use or longer stays, as a sofa and bed.  Supplied with sprung mattress and/or slatted base.
  • Futons - an alternative style to sofa beds, often with a fold out mattress.
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