Argos buying guide to home furniture – 4 of 6

Make sure your furniture fits

Once you've chosen your furniture, follow these simple steps to make sure the piece you've picked is right for you and your home.

Step 1: Measure up

furniture dimensionsAll our furniture comes with (H) height,
(W) width and (D) depth dimensions, listed in the catalogue or on our website. So don't let your eyes deceive you – accurately measure your rooms to make sure your new furniture will fit with ease, including through doorways. Remember to include extra space if your furniture includes doors or drawers that need additional room to open.

furniture dimensions

Step 2: Get a sense of scale

temporary markers or a cardboard templateA cosy room may be dominated by an oversized piece of furniture. An easy way to plan your purchase is to note the product dimensions, then measure out the shape in your room using temporary markers or a cardboard template.

Step 3: Check access

moving furniture Consider doors, halls and stairways when buying new furniture. Are there lots of stairs that could make carrying it difficult? Or do you have a particularly narrow doorway or stairwell to negotiate?

The majority of our furniture comes flat packed for self-assembly, making delivery easier. We also stock both modular and corner sofas that come in two parts and can be carried
individually for easy accessibility.

Some of our lounge furniture comes ready assembled for maximum convenience – but remember, you may require more space for moving it into your home. To help you, we recommend the number of people required for assembly next to each 4 of 6

Argos guide to home furniture