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A guide to materials and finishes

Whether it's pre-assembled or flat-packed furniture for building at home, all our furniture is made from quality materials that are built to last. The material you choose will depend on how and where you'll use it.

Solid wood furniture: This natural product is often found in our premium range. It shows knots, grain and colour variations that will change and become more distinct over time, giving your furniture a unique appearance. Because it's natural, solid wood is likely to move slightly with temperature and humidity changes.

Real wood finish furniture: Consists of thin layers of wood allowing for more decorative finishes. Real wood finish offers a great value alternative to solid wood.

Wood-effect finish furniture: This material has the appearance of real wood with the added benefit of enhanced consistency in colour and appearance (there are fewer variations than in real wood).

Caring for your furniture

Every piece of furniture will need care and cleaning to remain at its best. Take a look at our care and maintenance tips to keep your furniture looking like new.

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Argos guide to nursery furniture