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Jargon buster

Landline phones have some distinct terminology that may not be familiar to you. Here's a list of some terms used.

Base Unit This plugs into the landline wall socket and acts as a recharge point and the central communications hub for your phone(s).
Broadband Access to the internet using your landline, far faster than the old dial-up method of connection. Can be supplied separately from your phone service or bundled together with it.
DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. A standard for cordless phones, with a range less than 100m.
Internet Phone A phone that uses your broadband connection to make calls rather than the traditional landline network.
Landline Physical connection used to make phone calls and connect to the internet. Rented from a service provider, who will also supply phone calls. Broadband can also be supplied.
PDA Personal Digital Assistant. An electronic diary that lets you keep your calendar, contacts, and task list in your pocket and synchronise the list with your computer. Many phones now have PDA technology built-in.
Service Provider The company who rent you the landline and enable you to make calls over that line. Broadband can be supplied separately or in a bundle with the phone services.
SMS Short Message Service. The quick-and-simple method of sending brief text messages between mobiles, now available on some landline phones as well.
Standby Time The length of time your cordless phone can stay connected to the network, ready to make or receive calls – typically several days. Also see Talk Time.
Talk Time The length of time you can use your cordless phone for actual calls without recharging its battery – typically a few hours. Also see Standby Time.



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