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Planning your kitchen layout

Electronic planner

We’ve designed an electronic kitchen planner to help you design your new kitchen.  Please use the tool in association with a professional kitchen planner and make sure they check your measurements before purchasing.

There are 7 steps on the electronic planner:-

Step 1: Your kitchen shape – choose the shape that matches your kitchen and then adjust the room size to match. The room shape is accurate to within 6/7mm so we recommend a professional planner checks your design before purchasing.

Step 2: Doors and windows – at this stage you can position any doors, windows, radiators or other obstructions that already exist in your kitchen.

Step 3: Style – choose the kitchen finish.

Steps 4-7: Units – add the kitchen units, sinks and worktops to the plan to help

At any stage you can print off your plans and shopping list

Electronic planner

kitchen planner

The electronic kitchen planner requires Adobe flash player 6 or above in order to view, if you do not have Adobe Flash player installed then please click the link below to download the latest Adobe flash player.

flash player

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Measuring your kitchen

Before you start, you’ll need to carefully measure up your kitchen. Work to the nearest millimetre and think about the space in your room for appliances too. Remember not all walls are square – take care to measure at three different height levels suggested below and then use the smallest:

  • Floor level,
  • Work surface level
  • Wall unit level.

Helpful tips

Remember the location of the following will help when planning and fitting your kitchen:

  • Doors and windows – including architrave and curtain rails and allow enough room for doors and drawers to open.
  • Internal and external walls
  • Electrical sockets - position a minimum 150mm above your worktop.
  • Light switches
  • Sink – ideally position by or near a window.  Minimum distance from your hob should be 600mm.
  • Water pipes, soil pipes and exposed water pipes
  • Stop tap – never obstruct with an appliance and make sure it is accessible.
  • Central heating boiler
  • Gas and electric cooker points - have your gas and electric appliances installed by a fully registered electrician or Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • Radiators – always leave space to turn valve.
  • Any other obstructions – check there’s enough space to manoeuvre your appliances into place.

Gas hobs and cookers safety advice

For safety reasons, cookers must not be positioned under windows or behind inward opening doors.

Cooker hoods must be a minimum of 650mm above an electric hob and 750mm above a gas hob.  Some big range cookers stipulate a minimum of 800mm.  A hob should have a minimum of 200mm workspace either side and current building regulations stipulate that adequate air extraction is in place too.    

Working triangle

Think about everything you use your kitchen for – preparing food, cooking, and storage. These activities are known as your ‘working triangle’.  Getting the right layout is important, as you need to make sure your workspace is not only safe but is right for your lifestyle.

working triangle

Sinks and worktops

You’ll be using them every day, so pay careful attention to choosing your sink and worktops. Our sinks are available in two stainless steel options, while our laminate worktops come in Everest, Granite, Beech and Light Walnut.

Gas and electrical installation work

All gas and electricity work must be carried out by a registered installer.  For all gas safety advise, please visit the website or contact them on 0800 408 5500. ( is not responsible for the content of external websites.)

Large kitchen appliances

We have an extensive range of fridges, cookers and other white goods to complement your new kitchen.

Check your order carefully

Just before you place an order, please double check you are happy with the selection and the right number of cabinets, plinths, end panels, worktops and accessories have been ordered. You’ll usually need to allow 14 days for delivery.

Help and advice

If you have any queries on your delivery, we’re here to help. Call our customer services team on 0845 2500 808.

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