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Steam generator irons

Below is your quick reference guide to steam generator irons.

Non-pressurised steam generator irons

Non-pressurised steam generator ironsGives you 80 – 108 grams per minute of steam output.

Non-pressurised steam generator irons produce large amounts of steam, giving you twice as much steam as a steam iron. As the water is held in a separate water tank base unit, the iron is also lighter to use than regular steam irons, and does not need to be refilled as often.

They all come with anti-scale cartridges, which need to be replaced regularly (once every 1-2 months depending on how hard the water is in your area).

Why choose a non-pressurised steam generator iron?
Non-pressurised steam generator irons produce more steam for faster results than a steam iron.

Pressurised steam generator irons

Pressurised steam generator ironsGives you 100 – 120 grams per minute of steam output

Great ironing results aren’t just about the steam output, it is also about how deeply the steam can penetrate into the fabrics. A pressurised steam generator also produces twice as much steam as a steam iron, however, unlike a non-pressurised steam generator iron, it is now released under pressure of up to 5 bar.

The constant flow of high pressure steam penetrates deeper into garments, which relaxes the fabric and helps remove even the most stubborn creases in a single stroke. This helps you to dramatically reduce your ironing time.

Why choose a pressurised steam generator iron?
Pressurised steam generator irons are for those who have a larger ironing pile to get through, and want perfect results, in half the time.


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