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Introduction to Irons

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Introduction to Irons

Love it or hate it, we all know that ironing is an essential and unavoidable household task. In fact, most of us spend almost 3 hours on ironing per week! But do you have the best iron for your needs?

Depending on your ironing routine, you may find one type of iron more suitable than another. So whether you have a huge pile of the family’s laundry to get through, or you just want to get pressed and dressed fast, this guide is here to help you choose which iron suits you.

Steam irons

Steam ironsA steam iron applies steam to your garments whilst ironing. The steam moistens and relaxes fabric fibres making it easier for the iron to remove creases. Generally, the higher the steam output, the more effectively the iron performs.

Why choose a steam iron?
Steam irons are great if you have smaller loads, or if you are an ‘iron as you go’ kind of ironer.

Steam generator irons

Higher steam output ensures better crease removal. So it isn’t surprising that steam generator irons, which produce twice as much steam as a steam iron, can make removing tough creases easier.

Why choose a steam generator iron?
Steam generator irons are great if you have larger loads, and want perfect results, in half the time.


Non-pressurised steam generator irons

Non-pressurised steam generator ironsGives you 80 – 108 grams per minute of steam output.

Non-pressurised steam generator irons produce large amounts of steam, giving you twice as much steam as a steam iron. As the water is held in a separate water tank base unit, the iron is also lighter to use than regular steam irons, and does not need to be refilled as often.

They all come with anti-scale cartridges, which need to be replaced regularly (once every 1-2 months depending on how hard the water is in your area).

Why choose a non-pressurised steam generator iron?
Non-pressurised steam generator irons produce more steam for faster results than a steam iron.


Pressurised steam generator irons

Pressurised steam generator ironsGives you 100 – 120 grams per minute of steam output

Great ironing results aren’t just about the steam output, it is also about how deeply the steam can penetrate into the fabrics. A pressurised steam generator also produces twice as much steam as a steam iron, however, unlike a non-pressurised steam generator iron, it is now released under pressure of up to 5 bar.

The constant flow of high pressure steam penetrates deeper into garments, which relaxes the fabric and helps remove even the most stubborn creases in a single stroke. This helps you to dramatically reduce your ironing time.

Why choose a pressurised steam generator iron?
Pressurised steam generator irons are for those who have a larger ironing pile to get through, and want perfect results, in half the time.

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