Measurement guide

Follow these simple steps to make sure your new bedroom furniture is a perfect fit:

Measure up

All our furniture comes with height (H), width (W) and depth (D) dimensions, listed in our catalogue and on our website. Make a note of these, then measure your room (including doorways) to check it will fit.


Get a sense of scale

Make a scale drawing of your room and the new furniture on paper or cardboard and work out where it will fit. Include other big bits of furniture too (including drawers and doors that open), to check you’ll have space to move between them. 

Check access

Think about how you’ll get your new furniture into the house - take particular care if you are looking to purchase ready assembled furniture, especially if there are any tricky doorways, halls or stairs.  Alternatively we also have a great range of furniture you can build yourself which is easy to get into your bedroom.

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