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Electric fires

Electric firesDecorative, warming and truly homely - an electric fireplace is an affordable luxury when you Argos it. We supply fires in a range of styles to suit your home, and prices to fit your budget.

We also sell a variety of fireplace accessories

NB: Safety cut outs are standard.


What should I look for when choosing a fireplace?

  • First, where do you want it to go?
    • •   A free standing fire is the classic fireplace in look, whether traditional or modern.
    • •   A wall mount takes less space but will still warm the room.
    • •   Inset fires fit the fireplace surrounds for your style and convenience.
    • •   Outset fires stand free, wherever you wish them to stand.
    • •   An electric stove stands where you wish, and is traditional in look.
  • Many models can give the flame or light effect without heat, for homely comfort on those warmer nights.
  • Higher power gives greater heat output.
    • •   It also uses more power.
  • Multiple heat settings give greater temperature control.
  • Some models can also cool the room.
    • •   No need to buy air cooling as well.
    • •   NB: the fan will make some noise.
  • Concealed controls improve the look of the model even further.
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